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    Points for Attention in Use of High Temperature Magnesium Oxide Powder

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    Points for Attention in Use of High Temperature Magnesium Oxide Powder

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    1. When using high-temperature powder, the first thing is to ensure the drying and cleaning of pipes and electric heating wires. It's better to have pipes and electric heaters for 2-4 hours at 300 degrees. Low iron magnesia

    2. After making pipes, the pipes must be heated at 1050 degrees for 15-30 minutes. This ensures that the steel is sufficiently softened and that the air and moisture in the pipe are fully discharged.

    3. The bending and shaping period must be completed within 3-5 days strictly. Because the humidity varies from north to south, this cycle must be controlled clearly. Because this cycle is too long, it will make it more difficult for me to follow-up dehumidification technology. It can also be improved by a small amount of silicone oil.

    4. Seal after dehumidification according to product life cycle and weather and humidity. Basically determined by the oven temperature, the higher the temperature, the better the constant temperature time is 6-12 hours. If the production cycle is too long, it is better to prolong the drying time. It's better to seal in time with residual heat. It can't be placed for a long time before sealing, resulting in secondary moisture absorption of magnesium powder.

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