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    mportance of Low Iron Magnesium Oxide in Adhesives

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    mportance of Low Iron Magnesium Oxide in Adhesives

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    Importance of Low Iron Magnesium Oxide in Adhesives

    If not for the people who produce adhesives, the term adhesives may be very strange, but we all know about the glue used in life such as "502", "101". But we have not noticed, that is, the color of the glue we buy, sometimes it will appear more red, although the glue is still. That's right, but these Reds will make us feel uncomfortable after all, especially when we paste something that pays more attention to the surface, then this kind of red will seriously affect the image.

    Low iron magnesite flammable

    Adhesive industry for magnesium oxide index requirements are relatively high, require large specific volume, large volume, good dispersion, high activity (generally dolomite activity requirements in 80-120, brine activity requirements in 120-150 better), no precipitation, fine 325 mesh (the same product quality, fineness is relatively good, the specific volume is larger. Relatively good, too large specific volume or too low content may form suspension and pelletizing phenomenon, low iron content, if the content of magnesium iron oxide is too high, it is easy to make the glue discolored and reddish, generally iron content can not be higher than 0.05%, no discoloration.

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