Magnesium oxide powder of electrical grade


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    Medium temperature powder

    Medium temperature powder

    • Taxonomy:Magnesium oxide powder of electrical grade

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    • Date of release:2018/12/25
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    Medium temperature powder

    Electrical magnesia content is 80-85%. Product specifications can be processed according to user needs to produce (mesh, activity adjustable) magnesia powder (MgO) use: with sawdust, magnesium chloride solution (brine wave magnesia 14-28 degrees Celsius) according to temperature self-adjustment, mixing to produce many magnesium chloride composite, this composite has high hardness, high strength, good cementing force, etc., in building materials, building materials, and so on. Architectural decoration and other uses are very wide. New-type sheets produced by new technology, such as fire-retardant, impact-resistant, fire-resistant, anti-corrosion, moth-proof, thermal insulation, heat insulation, toughness, harmless and economic advantages, are widely used in chemical industry, textile industry, medicine, model, mould, furniture, machinery and equipment, national defense industry, agriculture, magnesium sulfate production, compound fertilizer and other industries.

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